Black Velvet: Vol 1

Feb 2-10, 5–10 PM

Embark on a velvety odyssey at “Black Velvet,” where the forgotten world of velvet art meets the modern era.

Our Group Show reimagines this rich history, melding darkness and luminescence as artists unveil glow-in-the-dark masterpieces on velvety canvases.

Challenging local artists to work on the unique canvas know as Black Velvet. The array of work will immerse visitors in a wonderland of light.

Each stroke dances with hues, creating a vibrant, ethereal symphony in the shadows.

“Black Velvet” transcends boundaries, seamlessly blending texture and radiance in a captivating gallery of nocturnal enchantment.

This experience pays homage to the past while propelling velvet art into the future, illuminating unseen possibilities.

Join us in this sensory celebration where ancient artistry meets contemporary brilliance.

Black Velvet: Vol 1 “Capturing Light to Illuminate the Night.”

We’re doing a closing show with Arden Jade of
The closing show is:
Live UV body painting starts at 6:30 pm.
With UV face painting to follow.
We also have a @nakedhearts.pdx light-up bike ride meeting in our lot at 7:00 pm!


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