The installation invites users to meander along a variety of paths that mimic the ocean’s currents. Bounded by an array of glowing tubes, oceanic lighting animations provide intrigue and wonder inside and outside the installation. Within the installation luminous vessels rise from a series of floating islands. Passersby can enter the installation through multiple entrances or enjoy the experience from afar. With multiple thresholds, the installation has no beginning and no end, like Earth’s majestic oceans.

 The Currents installation was made possible by the partnership between DLR Group (a multidisciplinary design firm) and Associated Lighting Representatives (ARL Inc). Currents’ core project team consists of Alex Ridley (DLR Group), Austin Gutierrez (DLR Group), Tristan Govreau (DLR Group), Jesse Smith (DLR Group), Jodie Buchholz (DLR Group), Mariel Acevedo (ALR Inc), Shea Sterner (ALR Inc), and Tim Bevers (DLR Group) – although we would like to thank our friends and coworkers who helped us out throughout the process! It truly takes a village!


DLR Group


Associated Lighting Representatives