DiscoFungusAmungus (Deep Sea Edition)

These mushroom cascade a wild disco dance floor around them as they shine from the inside! Come peek in and discover what’s in store! Everywhere you look something else to find!

Hi! I’m Nikki! I have been creating out of what felt like necessity for a long time. I considered myself crafty, creative, a total weirdo- but never an artist. I try to keep my art accessible “low cost,” not the techiest or high skill necessary.

This piece was made with things like chicken wire, so much tape and glue, paper mache, paint and sealant, SHRINKY DINKS, little toys and things my besty 3d printed for me, the LIGHTS are little .99 cent USB disco lights.

When making art I try to get out of my head and be playful and adventurous and childlike in my execution so that I can bypass perfectionism and judgement and doubt. I come back to the image of a toddler scribbling outside the lines in a coloring book because “WHY NOT?!”.

I hope this brings you joy and silliness and inspires you to unburden yourself a little, play and make messy “art” too!


Nikki Daskal