Dragon Dreaming with Esjay

Feb 10, 6:45 PM

World Trade Center SW 1st Ave & SW Salmon St.
Portland, Oregon, 97204
BEST VIEW: Ideally the crowd would be in a circle around me, with about a 20 foot diameter

MAP #: D05l

Esjay the Dragon Dreamer has been weaving tales with her horde of illuminated dragons since July 2023. To her, Dragon Dreaming is an athletic pursuit of artistry, free from the bounds of established dance disciplines. Dragon Dreaming is a relatively new flow art to the United States and Esjay has aspirations of spreading the particular joy it brings as far as she can! Whilst it is used as a fitness tool for the elderly in China, Dragon Dreaming has incredible potential as an expressive flow art. Throughout her time as PDXWLF, she hopes to inspire more Dreamers to partake in this joyous craft!
As a Seattle-based circus performer, Esjay is thrilled to participate in PDXWLF for the first time. Circus arts are her true passion and when she isn’t with her dragons, she can be found training and performing aerial arts, emceeing local circus shows, and managing the Youth Camps program at Seattle’s School of Acrobatics and New Circus Arts. She encourages anyone and everyone to run away with the circus, a rare sanctuary where anyone can belong!


Esjay Powell