‘drip’ is an interactive turbulence visualizer contained within a 6-8 ft tall acrylic water droplet, supported in a distressed wooden frame. Behind this clear glass panel, a steady stream of smoke pours down from the tip of the droplet into a thin air gap, backed by a matte black panel. As this vapor stream slowly pours down, swirls and patterns naturally emerge due to the turbulent nature of air. We highlight these natural, dynamic patterns with a series of 8 custom RGB laser-line modules which pan through a vibrant array of colors and intensities. Onlookers can approach a ‘control panel’ which will allow for the direct manipulation of the flowing smoke trail via 6 small hand-powered air pumps. Gentle presses will smoothly vent air into the box from either side, directing the course of the meandering smoke trail and creating new turbulent patterns for all to enjoy.

We have designed our piece to be interactive, allowing people to dramatically alter the course of the flowing smoke within the drop with small, indirect movements. This is intended to be not only fun and engaging, but also empowering, emphasizing the ability for small actions to cascade into dramatic variability and change. Onlookers are not just viewing the art, but creating the pattern within, and imprinting a piece of themselves into the work. Our hope is that after engaging with our piece, viewers will be more cognizant of how small movements can have big impacts in other facets of life as well.


Foxlight Labs