Feb 2-10, 6–10 PM

This wood sculpture takes its formal cues from Mt. Hood and employs a log cabin-like stacking structure. “ERUPT” transports Mt. Hood to Downtown Portland, where people can congregate with fellow Portland Winter Light Festival-goers, and use as a backdrop for their group photos. At dusk, the volcano will glow and pulsate. ERUPT reflects the city’s energy which is rumbling below the surface.

The structure is composed of more than 800 individually-cut pieces of wood, 1,600 screws and weighs more than a ton. The dimensional lumber was generously donated by Hampton Lumber. The piece was previously featured at the gateway of the Pickathon Music Festival in the summer of 2023.

The design-build team consists of members from Hoffman Construction, Precision Construction and Pickathon volunteers (Tony Trinh, Mike DeMello, Newton Gorrell, Dan Gihring, Jesse Springer, Dave Wagoner, Tom Durkin, Tim Finlayson, Joe Buttafuoco, Arthur VanRooy).


Hoffman Construction