Gadgets For Kids

Gadgets For Kids is a series of do-touch handcrafted percussion and bulb operated instruments that have entertained thousands of children of all ages at dozens of events throughout the greater Pacific Northwest region for more than eight years. Each of these creations are mashups of both traditional and non-traditional found sounds, collected from cultures all over the world and whimsically decorated with elements reminiscent of Dr. Suess and universally recognized Word Art themes, Dream, Love, Peace, Freedom, Good Cheer… In a world filled with man-made self-imposed divisive constructs, pitting man against man, often with destructive intent, this interactive activity demonstrates how much alike people everywhere, from all walks of life, really are. You’ll have fun exercising your creative potential, exploring this safe, family friendly, self-directed, noncompetitive, nonjudgmental. all-inclusive, curiosity tickling presentation. It’s real noise for girls and boys.


Reginald Meisler/Gadgets For Kids