Georgie Friedman: BREATHING – LIGHT

Feb 2-4 & 9-10, noon–10 PM

Imagery of the Sun’s corona rotates across three large, curved projection-forms. The layered environment visually connects or separates based upon how visitors navigate between the forms or position themselves in the space. The shrinking and slicing of the Sun’s surface creates a scale shift. Either the sun (which is 864,400 miles in diameter – about 109 times that of the Earth) has shrunk to thirty-two feet wide, or we’ve become almost 20 Earths – 836,985,600 ft – tall. Meanwhile, formerly-tiny particulates catch light and air currents, creating a notable presence as they move across the space.

The elements in the sun, on the Earth, and in our veins, can at times feel disparate, but when considered together, they are the tiny and immense things that connect us all.

Georgie Friedman researched, compiled, and animated thousands of photographs of the sun to create the videos in this exhibit. The sun images are courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams. All other filming is by Georgie Friedman. The soundscape was created in collaboration with Radio Sloan.


Georgie Friedman