Japanese Koto Music by Josh Faber-Hammond

The Japanese koto is the national instrument of Japan and has a 1400-year history. Josh Faber-Hammond began studying music and performing as a multi-instrumentalist at a young age, but after starting koto lessons with local master Mitsuki Dazai in 2015 the koto became his primary musical pursuit. Since that time, he’s become a first-chair player in Oregon Koto-Kai and he’s been fortunate to perform in ensembles with world-famous koto virtuosos, Kazue Sawai & Soju Nosaka. Among his many current musical projects, he’s also working to earn the highest level koto certification from the renowned Sawai Koto Institute based in Tokyo.

This performance will showcase the versatility of this ancient zither, and will include classical pieces as well as exciting modern works and innovative original compositions.


Josh Faber-Hammond