Mechan 1000

Mechan 1000 is a 15’ tall giant metal robot straight from the factory floor at Mechan Inc. Created with an Honorarium Art Grant from Burning Man in 2023, M1000 stood face to face pointing at its wooden counterpart, Mechan 1. Sadly to say, Mechan 1 never made it back home and was reduced to a pile of ashes.

Mechan 1000 features over 200 rivet lights, laser eyes, an infinity mirror heart chamber, and a tri-space crystal Flarx Cabarbulator on its back (the Mechan power source.)

This giant robot was built by an amazing crew of ragtag fooligans who are skilled in all sorts of creative ways. This was the 7th giant robot built by the folks at Tyler FuQua Creations. Their other robots are scattered across the US (Vegas, Florida, Norman, OK), across the globe (Riyadh), underwater (Atlantic Ocean), and in the atmosphere (RIP Mechan 1.)


Tyler FuQua Creations