Portland Winter Light Festival Content Creator Walk

Join Pro Photo Supply for this nighttime photo and video walk focused on creating content for social media at one of Portland’s most fun, colorful, and exciting festivals! Come and enjoy collaborating and creating amazing images and videos of scenes like the illuminated bike ride, the silent disco, projection art, light-based art installations, and capture performers such as the Amazing Bubble Man, LED hoopers, and Spencer Sprocket zipping around on his one wheel!
Staff from Pro Photo Supply will be on hand to help you figure out ideal settings to use and support your creative vision! Participants must have their own cameras, lens(es), batteries, memory cards, weather protection, and any other items or accessories needed for their gear setup. Should you need a camera, gimbal, or other piece of gear to help you create, one can be rented HERE from Pro Photo Supply for an additional fee.
This year’s route will be predetermined and marked on a map, which will be emailed to all attendees ahead of time as well as available in physical copies provided at the meeting point.

Suggested Non-Photo/Video Items to Bring: water, comfortable walking shoes, weather-appropriate attire, and anything else needed for protection from the elements.

Check out the Video below for some highlights from last year’s festival!


Pro Photo Supply