The Flower Fairy Lights

Feb 2-10, 6–10 PM

Honey I’m Home 3705 N Mississippi Avenue
Portland, Oregon, 97227
BEST VIEW: Inside the shop and through the windows

MAP #: N01

Since the first flower lights were installed at GiftyKitty for the 2023 PDXWLF, the public instantly fell in love with them. So this year’s festival is bringing a brand new collection of whimsical flower fairy lights ready to twinkle everyone’s eyes!

Originally inspired by the art of Alyson Clark, local Portland artists ReaL & Tiffany Barr have dived deep into their own creative flow to conceive a stunning new collection of whimsical flower lights.

They both have meticulously handcrafted each flower from the hand painted silk petals & leaves they have created and ornate them with dimensional paint & artsy wire work.
The unique designs and soft glow of each light comes with infinite colors range, from soft silvery blues, to fiery oranges and electric phosphorescence. Giving each flower the power to reflect the unpredictability and mystery of the fairy worlds.




Tiffany Barr