The Taco Disco

The Taco Disco is a fanciful art car in the shape of a giant crispy taco. Imagine seeing the taco of your munchy dreams floating across your view, dispensing great tunes and vibes whenever it is stopped, bringing joy to all.

The Taco Disco was built on a 2008 mini-truck base in Burien, WA, and made its debut for this past years Burning Man festival (2023). The base vehicle is obscured by the giant taco sides, made of a perforated metal frame painted with a bright yellow.

The back of the vehicle is an 8-foot bed that has seating for our guests. We have very cool programmable and music-reactive LED lighting to outline the shape of the taco, as well as LED flood lights to backlight the taco shell. The Taco Disco can be equipped with some spicy flame effects, which are in the shape of two chili peppers in the front.

The Taco Disco has a large shelf above the cab that can be used as a DJ table to pump out 2600w of sound through our on-board speakers. There is a light-up disco ball on one side, which creates a dance area around the vehicle.

Tacos and disco for all!


Wildstone Arts