U.F.O.S. (Unidentified Found Object Spacecraft)

Fashioned from the unwanted discards of our throwaway society, this display is part of an ongoing series of LED illuminated Retro Futurist sculptures inspired by early to Mid Century Science Fiction Fantasy art and design. Before mankind ever ventured into outer space, we dreamed of what it might be like. Artists imagined and depicted space ships and other vehicles, using period streamline design features. Those design elements eventually began to appear in common household items. I’ve spent decades collecting vintage examples of various mass manufactred items that contain streamline features. Many of these highly collectible items have become the inspiration for my Retro Futurist sculptures. My various spacecraft designs are primarily made from repurposed found objects. It can take years of searching to locate enough parts and pieces to complete a single sculpture project.


R.R. Meisler/U.F.O.S.