Washed Away

Come visit at 2045 SE Hawthorne Blvd to feel this immersive experience. When you are out in the middle of the ocean, you are surrounded by millions of stars in the sky, a plethora of life, and an ocean that moves in its own time– reminding us that even though life is filled with heavy emotion and is often tumultuous, we are not alone on this planet and in this universe. This installation explores the nature of our emotions, fragility, life, death, and beauty in this world. To sum it up, I will provide this poem: And there I was chasing light through a tunnel, spat out into the cosmic ocean where time escaped me. Watching the stars dance around my eyes and into the puddle that echoes through my soul. This sea, sea of time, is where I choose to leave all this pain and suffering behind. Turning to watch every autumn red tree reverse to its vibrant green glow. Watching my life replay in front of me while under pressure, until I start sparkling like a ray of city lights. Listening to the sound of the beginning- echoing all around me, rushing in, until the waves of time crash into me and pull me underneath until I fall into the blue.


The Coney Island Mermiad // Lebannon Rose