Feb 2-4 & 7-10, 6–10 PM

Portland Arts Collective 120 SW Harvey Milk St.
Portland, Oregon, 97204
BEST VIEW: The view is great from both the sidewalk and inside the gallery.

MAP #: D36

Windows is an exhibition by artist Dave Meeker who continues his explorations in luminous technology. The light sculptures are physically activated by the viewer. Mr. Meeker invites viewers into this body of work in his artist statement…

This exhibit considers the dualities of windows beyond their practical purpose. Windows are architectural elements that primarily allow natural light to illuminate interior spaces and provide building inhabitants with views of the exterior environment. They also allow us to view interior spaces from the outside.

Windows frame the views we see daily. They offer glimpses of the surrounding environment, but they also restrict and limit our views with their size, shape and orientation.

They are barriers that protect us from the elements while putting nature behind glass and at a distance. Through windows, we can see but not interact with the outside world.

Are you observing the world through a window, or being observed?


Dave Meeker