What glows under pressure

In the black of the ocean, where light barely reaches,

There is a world of wonder and magic, where creatures glow with ethereal beauty,

Bioluminescent beings that shine like stars in the dark,

A symphony of light that dances to the rhythm of the currents.

We set out to explore the mysteries of the deep,

A journey into the unknown, where wonders and dangers lurk in equal measure,

We navigate through a labyrinthine of color, propelled by our curiosity and courage,

As we witness the beauty and power of the ocean, we are reminded

of our own insignificance.

The ocean floor is a canvas of life and mystery,

A place of immense pressure where the forces of nature collide,

Volcanic vents that spew out hot water and minerals,

Surrounded by life never seen.

As we venture deeper into the abyss, we encounter creatures of myth

and legend that defy our understanding,

We marvel at their beauty and strength, and pay tribute to their resilience.

This year, we invite you to join us on a journey into the mysteries of the deep,

Let the glowing dark inspire you to imagine.

Find inspiration in the beauty in the systems of streams that flow like arteries to the ocean.

Let it guide you to build the unimaginable.

Come and explore with us in a world that glows under pressure.

~ Chris Herring, Creative Director PDXWLF

Join the journey to the underworld;
light your space in our festival colors in February!