Cellular Resonance #2

This description comes from the original 1933 pamphlet for Le Grand Fair.

This is not merely a scientific exhibition; rather, it is a transformative ideation of vitality, illuminating what glows under the subtle yet omnipresent pressure of existence. Observe the visual symphony —a harmonious interplay where the brilliance of life prevails over the shadows of mortality.

Formulated by contemporary practitioners of alchemy, Cellular Resonance facilitates the renewal and invigoration of the self. Allow the glow and fade of Cellular Resonance to revitalize and replenish your self.”

Only three iterations of Cellular Resonance were ever made. The first sank beneath the waves off the bar in Astoria, OR. It was never recovered. The third was destroyed in the Tillamook Blimp Conflagration of 1992.

You are viewing the last of its kind. Cellular Resonance was created by inventor Jordan Sinclair Everington for the War Department in 1929. In 1933, it was exhibited at Le Grand Faire in the Oregon Pavilion to much acclaim until a group of influential Celestial Orthodox Ministers banned it for blasphemy. It was removed to a warehouse in Pendleton, OR, and forgotten.

In 2005, historian M. Hinson, after years of persistence, tracked CR#2 to that same warehouse, where it was found plugged in and running. It was carefully switched to battery for its trip to Portland. Today, you are witnessing a miraculous piece of history, engineering, and pioneering computational science.

Primary Artist

Andy Batt/Andy Batt Studio


Bob Thompson/Bobland