Leviathan / Ouroboros

Constructed out of a skin of recovered fishing nets and filled with local plastic trash, the installation Leviathan / Ouroboros imagines the incarnation of the Anthropocene as a self-consuming serpent.

Designed to capture the paradox of emergent behavior in a collective system spiraling heedlessly towards its own catastrophic unraveling, Leviathan / Ouroboros provides viewers with a tangible connection to abstractions of environmental collapse and spiritual isolation. The machinations of human progress carries us onward to an uncertain light, and we are the helpless links of its great sinews and the prey of its winding intricacies.

Accompanying Leviathan / Ouroboros, the Blackfish Gallery group show Illuminations will explore light as both a literal and metaphorical force in art. In addition to light-based mediums, Blackfish artists will use light as a stepping off point for exploring the multi-faceted nature of light, and the perspectives it can reveal. Through both the language of light itself, and its symbolic presence, Illuminations will reveal what lays hidden in the dark.

Primary Artist

Noah Alexander Isaac Stein


Blackfish Gallery