Coral Effect: A journey through influencing well being by human action

Feb 2-3 & 9-10, 6–10 PM

Deep-sea corals are fed by the water current and have a reliance on the waterfront. Similarly, people have been drawn to the shared waterfronts and supported by the rich sea life. We are all an intricate and influential part of the ecosystem. Walking through the installation you can explore a physical journey symbolic of that relationship. The Coral Effect theatrically utilizes immersive techniques and recycled materials in a playful representation of this key topic.

Deep-sea corals may never meet a human being yet changes to their environment from man-made influences such as rising water temperatures and increased pollution still reach them in the depths of the ocean, carried along by the currents the same as many of the resources coral needs to thrive. While many corals have developed defenses against natural predators, bright bioluminescent flashes to distract or misdirect in the inky darkness of the sea floor, these defenses do nothing to protect against the man-made predators carried down from far above.

To some, it may seem that the impact we have on something so distant from our own lives is inconsequential, but corals have shown themselves to be a significant barometer for the well-being of our planet.

What can you do to support sea-life and coral to create positive impact though actionable sustainability? Could you reduce single-use plastics or action a natural resource clean-up? Your one small action can create a big impact and influence positive change.


Mazzetti – Multi-Disciplinary Team ( Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Sustainability)


Mazzetti Lighting Design Studio