Animation is Visual Music << :: >> Music is Sonic Animation

Life is the energy that animates.

The DynaMandala is a celebration of exploring the combination of Sight, Sound, AND Input. Input is a critical part of the work. When you play the DynaMandala, You complete the art. It is a rich and responsive instrument that each player will bring to a unique swirl of dazzling pattern and sound.

Mandalas are also a deeply sacred art form utilized the world over to map and express subjects from The Cosmic Order to Personal Incarnation. A symbol of progression from the common source of all, to each of our unique and beautifully diverse realizations, and then back to Source again. A visualization of the synchronistic magic of existence found in the present moment which is eternal.

The DynaMandala is a creative coding software project utilizing the latest generation Real-Time 3D technology. The DynaController is the custom built MIDI activated sculpture through which visitors interact with the lights animated on the screen before them and the sound animated in the quadrophonic speaker system surrounding the space.

The DynaMandala is ultimately a celebration of life which is a collaboration between us all.

Primary Artist

Stefan Biskup III


Darcy Neal


Daniel Young