Cube V2.0

At the heart of this piece is a luminous reflective cube, its surfaces adorned with an intricate web of fractals that symbolize the complex interplay of reality and perception.

As you approach, the reflective surfaces reveal dynamic video content that mirrors inwards, creating an infinite visual cascade that draws you into the depths of contemplation. The videos weave a narrative that explores the fractal nature of reality. Each layer of reflection unfolds a new facet, inviting viewers to reflect not only on the macroscopic patterns shaping societal structures over time but also on the microscopic instances that define our individual lives.

The interplay of light, reflection, and video content serves as a metaphor for the recursive patterns embedded within our existence. From the grand tapestry of historical narratives to the intricate details of our personal stories, ‘Cube V2.0’ challenges viewers to question the boundaries between past, present, and future. It prompts introspection into the recurring themes and patterns that shape our societies and individual experiences.


Sam Turner