Ill-Considered Strength-O-Meter, and Eternal Flame of Stupid Ideas

The Ill-Considered Strength-O-Meter is a 37′ tall truss tower that is self-erected with a rated and engineered hinge block on a 4-point truss base. The installation is stabilized by a custom engineered & fabricated 4800lb base plate which allows the tower to free stand and also incorporates a square platform that makes the overall base approximately 11′-2″ x 14′-8″. The Ill-Considered Strength-O-Meter incorporates a fire element and eye bell with propane flame effects & LED highlights that tops out at approximately 40′ in height which ignites when the Hammer Target is hit by participants of the Portland Winter Light Festival on our Ego Platform and which is inspired by feat of strength games from carnivals of yore.
In addition, our Eternal Flame of Stupid Ideas will return once again to Portland Winter Light Festival to allow participants to submit their thoughts and stupid ideas between performances and will be located next to the stage. As in past years, these ideas will be evaluated by our Eternal Flame and if deemed exceptional or befittingly stupid the obelisk will react with a poof of flame signifying its approval.
The Ministry of Stupid Ideas wants to show case what blows under pressure with art, fire, performance, music and interactive chaos. The 2024 Theme of the Portland Winter Light Festival is the journey into the unknown, a place of immense pressure where the forces of stupidity collide.


Ministry of Stupid Ideas

With additional help from: Sean Hathaway, Larry Lemanczyk, Aaron Le Rod, Jonas Nash, Enoch Root, and Morgan Waldhart.