Jellyfish Adrift

Feb 2-3 & 9-10, 6–10 PM

In the past few years, the world has been a chaotic and confusing sea. It feels like the waves of events wash by at a lightning pace, stirring up the world into an even more perplexing place. For teenagers and young adults like us who are entering the world for the first time, it seems as daunting as ever. Many of us wish that the world would slow down, even just for a little bit. This piece represents that idea of wishful thinking. The relaxed jellyfish goes with the flow of the current, moving at its own pace and in a beautiful manner. Its movements show us a glimpse into an alternate and ideal world, one of calm, stability and simplicity. It is a world that will never become reality in full, yet snippets of it can be found throughout our lives within the beauty that comes from art, human connection, and the natural world. This is a piece that encapsulates these concepts, with us–a collection of unique students–coming together to create a portrayal of the beauty of nature. It is a piece of comfort and purity for students to hold onto in a time of stress and uncertainty.


Makerspace Club – Eli Yoshimura, Declan Keenan, Lenna Kiser, Matthew Dinh, Fraser Zahniser, Ansel Stanik, Harper Wicker-Lenseigne, and Stuart Rawnsley