Life at the White Stag- Behind the Brick Wall

Feb 2-3 & 9-10, 6–10 PM

For the past fifteen years, the iconic White Stag Block has been home to the University of Oregon’s College of Design in Portland. This year marks the end of an era as the University prepares to relocate to a new Portland campus. Throughout these years, students specializing in architecture, product design, and sports product design have been crafting their skills and shaping their professional identities within these walls. Their daily lives are intertwined with the city’s pulse, as they observe the bustling Portland waterfront, the iconic White Stag Sign, and the lively Burnside Bridge from their classroom windows.

As the University of Oregon’s chapter at the White Stag Building comes to a close, the students wish to create a lasting impression, a snapshot of their experiences and daily activities within this space, creating a visually stunning tribute to the interplay of education, creativity, and urban identity.

Primary Artist

Hari Deevi


UO College of Design Students