Palegic Resiliance

Feb 2-10, 6–10 PM

Goat Blocks Breezeway between SE 10th Avenue and SE 11th Avenue. SE 11th Avenue & SE Yamhill St.
Portland, Oregon, 97214
BEST VIEW: Stroll the breezeway between SE 10th & 11th Avenue, one block South of SE Belmonont St.

MAP #: SE10

In what has been called the largest migration on Earth, Bioluminescent Pelagic (sic: of the See) Organisms come up from the depths to feed on plankton and algae blooms. They descend again several hours later.

My Palegic swarm was inspired by the 40 foot giant jellyfish sculpture “Bloom” by Peter Hazel Art, erected at the Burning Man Arts festival in 2018. Its dome was constructed from fused glass discs and the “tenticals” were simple illuminated wire structures covered in stretch wrap, which reflects and refracts the light in wonderful and amazing ways.

If you SCUBA dive, don’t miss out on your next chance to experience one of the most amazing experiences on this panet.


Sean Batson