The Prismatic Plastiquarium

Feb 2-2 & 9-10, 6–10 PM

WTC Plaza 121 SW Salmon street
Portland, Oregon, 97204
BEST VIEW: Center of the prismatic plastiquarium.

MAP #: D03f

The global production of plastic averages 430 million tons annually, with two-thirds being short-lived items like food wrappers and utensils. This results in a daily disposal equivalent to more than 2,000 garbage trucks’ worth of plastic into water bodies. Without intervention or action, the amount of plastic in oceans is set to outweigh fish by 2050.

Through “the prismatic plastiquarium” we hope to instill an appreciation for the splendor of our oceans and a heightened awareness of the consequences of our own waste. By blending the allure of light with the stark truth of the plastic crisis, we hope to inspire action. We want every guest to leave with a renewed commitment to ocean conservation, recognizing that our actions today shape the ocean’s future. This engaging exhibit highlights the ocean’s allure and the effects of routine plastic consumption.

All materials were generously given and gathered in a brief span of just a few months in Portland and will be recycled. Additional plastic sources include New Seasons, Ikea, and community members.


Clark/Kjos Architects


Solus Lighting & Controls


Pence Contractors, LLC.