Vampire In The Night (Surrounded by Sun Petal)

“Vampire In The Night” transcends the boundaries of traditional 2D art by incorporating projection mapping effects onto its captivating multi-depth canvas. Paired seamlessly with the “Sun Petal,” this installation transforms into a dynamic experience that engages and immerses you in a world of light, shadow, and mystique. As the giant Vampire Squid looms in the darkness, projection mapping breathes life into its luminous form. The squid pulses with an otherworldly glow, casting intricate patterns of bioluminescent hues that dance across its colossal silhouette.

Using lasercut plywood, I created a multi-layered canvas to make my art stand out, literally. Using this multi-depth technique paired with projection mapping, it exemplifies the depth of the art, and the depths the vampire squid emerges from. While the “Vampire In The Night” encourages you to see what lurks in the dark depths of the deep abyss, “Sun Petal” reminds you we are still surrounded by the warm glow of our closest star.


Joseph Tiegs | Echo