Waterfront Blues Fest Street Jams: Tevis Hodge Jr

The Waterfront Blues Fest is thrilled to be bringing tunes to the streets at the Portland Winter Light Festival, bringing music to downtown Portland as folks make their way from the World Trade Center to Pioneer Courthouse Square. This jam will feature Tevis Hodge Jr.

Born in Virginia, and inspired by his southern black heritage, Tevis Hodge Jr. began playing blues at the age of 12, though he first started guitar at the age of six. With a deep love for Black American music, Hodge is compelled to bring the traditions of his heritage to life.

Well-versed in multiple blues idioms such as the Piedmont, Delta, Texas, urban and country blues styles, he also dips into jazz, jug band, folk and even old-timey novelty tunes. Hodge’s repertoire is an eclectic mix while his performance oozes with originality and passion. Adding his own flare to the songs he covers, he seamlessly presents originals that can mingle with the classics and stay true to the source.


Tevis Hodge Jr