Feb 2-3, 6–10 PM

Hotel Lucia 400 SW Broadway
Portland, Oregon, 97204
BEST VIEW: Either inside or outside through the window.

MAP #: D40

From May – October of 2022 my family had multiple medical emergencies. We unexpectedly had to temporarily relocate to Denver from Reno for 6 weeks for our daughter’s birth. Being home less than a month, we were back in and out of the hospital for a month and half for health issues my wife was having. This was the start of my journey into fatherhood. We found ourselves raising our daughter in and out of hospitals. The goal each day was simply to survive. We had the help of many and can now happily say both my wife and daughter are doing very well.

One way I coped with what was happening around me was to take some time to document what beauty I could find around me in nature. I also made the decision that once my family was healthy, I would pursue creating art more seriously. A lot of the footage in Phototaxis was filmed during those months where there was little in my life I had control over. In its own way, it documents my journey into fatherhood and has allowed me to process what my family went through. If you listen closely you will hear the growth of my daughter from her first sounds, to first words woven throughout the piece. Phototaxis is my love letter to nature and its fine details which I could find from the window of a hospital, or a brief walk in the yard. Special thanks to Attom who was generous enough to give me permission to use his music. This project would not be possible without the love and support of friends and family. This is for you all.


Projection Prologue