Window Weavings

“The essential equation here is that light informs everything that we know, and light itself is unknowable”
-Andrew Wade Smith

Window Weavings
A Multi- Image, Environmental Overlay.

The foundation of this work of digital projection is the establishment an “environmental overlay”.
This initial, projected media treatment takes its creative cues directly from the projection surface (building) and its form, along with the natural light phenomena which are already at play here.

Next, this “light + media” overlay becomes the visual ether from which additional, more playful, thematic or narrative forms may arise. The environment (building surface) informs the initial overlay, and this overlay provides a connective infrastructure for which all other media arises.
The result is that the projected media begins to feel organically derived from the physicality of the object, wall, building, etc.
While the degree of resulting effects ebb and flow, we will encounter many instances where the intervention of the projection is not understood as separate from the built environment.

-Andrew Wade Smith,
Process Artifact

Thank you for your ongoing support:
Chris Herring, Jeff Schnabel, Brant Kilber, Christopher Fischer, David Humphreys, Jason Sleight, Kohel Haver, Jonathan Wright, Jessey Zapeda, Brent Williams, Cade Moore, David Sullivan, Courtney Egan.


Andrew Wade Smith