Frangible Chromatophores

At its core, ‘Frangible Chromatophores’ embodies the concept of ‘breakable color.’ ‘Frangible’ signifies a structure’s susceptibility to break upon impact. In this installation, the pods epitomize fragility and breakability, serving as metaphors for the vulnerability inherent in our ecosystem. Much like the delicate dance within coral reefs, the piece draws parallels between the resilience and fragility of the natural world.

Paired with ‘chromatophores,’ the cells responsible for coloration in various animals, particularly prevalent in cephalopods, the artwork explores the fragility inherent in both its artistic structure and our ecosystem.

The code of the lights was explicitly chosen to replicate the constant breathing of the ocean’s waves.

The recurring patterns of hexagons, chromatophores, and sea stars are found throughout nature in plants, animals, and elements. Once these patterns embedded themselves, the artists saw them replicated everywhere. These patterns are the very core of life.

Frangible Chromatophores is funded in part by the Regional Arts & Culture Council.


Twisty Maurice


Misty Post


Therese Gietler