Love Mountain & The Peace Horse

Feb 2-10, 6–10 PM

This world is a place we share and all call home – some of us shine our lights on the land and some of us shine our lights in the sky and there’s a whole world that shines its light beneath the waves.

I believe no matter where you shine your light LOVE is the light that shines the brightest and connects us all to ourselves and each other and our shared past future and this moment right here right now!
Love is the light that truly glows under pressure and shows us the infinite magic and potential we all possess inside as individuals and a collective force!

May love guide you on your journey through this magnificent moment we get to share together tonight as we wander the streets of Portland Oregon- aka -planet earth -aka-this special place we ALL call home -aka-somewhere deep in the infinite ever expanding cosmos.
Together we get to share this evening soaking in all this magnificent light!

What a blessing and what a joy!!
Say hello to your inner child for me and shine your light bright for all to see!!!


Larry Peace Love Yes


Chris Herring