Here Comes The Ocean

Feb 2-10, 6–10 PM

iChihuahua Repair 1715 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
Portland, Oregon, 97214
BEST VIEW: In front of the business on the North side of Hawthorne Blvd. between 17th & 18th Ave.

MAP #: SE15

The audience interacts with the art installation through their movement and when submitting anonymous data. Through this process, an ocean of human activity manifests in an ever shifting animation, feeding its algorithmic chaos.

The audience becomes the artist and the artist, Anna Pearson, is the first member of the audience. The starting data arrives from her perspective growing up on the Oregon coast and her relationship with the Pacific Ocean.

Anna’s art practice explores the relationship between intuition and knowledge, chaos and order, human and machine. Leveraging combinatorics, interpolation, and randomness, she tests her hypothesis that humans intuit patterns even when they may be too large, complex, or chaotic to know. She aims to create experiences where one intuits that they have control but do not easily know how or why.


Anna Pearson