This rainbow cloud cluster has so much to explore! Is it a whimsical landscape with fantastical giant creatures? A nest of rainbow cloud producing worms?

Hi! I’m Nikki- I have been a creative weirdo forever but never considered myself an “artist.” It has always felt unattainable, too expensive and out of my skill level.

I focus on creating art they feels healing to their inner child. When I get in my head- full of doubt and stress and disbelief- I remind myself to play like I’m a toddler scribbling outside the lines of a coloring book and it brings me back! It’s healing to me and I hope it brings you joy, silliness and some whimsy!

This piece is made of mostly TRASH (plastics, styrofoam and repurposed vinyl). Otherwise the supplies used chicken wire, sheets of Eva foam and air dry foam clay, hot glue, tape, scrap acrylic sheets, window paint and LED lights!


Nikki Daskal